Purification 淨化


Purification created during artist-in-residence in New Zealand at Unitec, the integration of local Maori myths, symbol and Nu Shu, trying to continue or construct new mysterious characters. The concept comes from both water and water surface, symbolizing purification, transformation, fusion and breakthrough of the psychical structure. The reflective water surfaces work as mirrors that tend to break what we normally see in the world, while the images under the water and the join-in of participants brings ripples, conversion, blurring and tranquility that represent a kind of spiritual purification and transformation. As human thoughts are soaked and washed by the flowing water, it always crisscrosses with duality such as clean and dirty, pure and filthy. However, as water wash away the dirt and return cleanness to us; it also throws away the smudges in life and the imperfection of society, letting us experience a sense of purity. There is a sort of beauty called tranquility after rippling; wind stops, waves slow down, and our minds become as still as the water.

Purification is an interactive multimedia work, via special program design, projected by two projectors onto a 120゚arc screen and one on the ground. While audience walk into the exhibit area, the image projected on the ground would turn into ripples; meanwhile, they can also watch the images on the wall, experiencing the quietness away from the crowd and din. Everything is back to the beautiful beginning, which is a good chance for pondering upon the meaning of peacefulness and desire-less-ness.

2010, Interactive installation, Depend on the space








as a media+digital+interactive artist and scholar, Yun-Ju Chen specializes in practice and research in new media art.