Spring up 聲機勃勃

Spring up​​

The sound-sensitive installation of Spring up are comprised of motor mechanisms that seem to contain small life-like organisms. These organisms are very shy, sensitive and curious, and have the ability to hear and see just like humans and animals. When they hear sounds from their surrounding environment, they stick their heads out to observe this world. When their surroundings are quiet, they will promptly extend their heads outward. An even quieter environment leads them to come out even more. Yet, the slightest sound will immediately cause them to retreat back into their shells until all is silent once more. The inspiration for this artwork is derived from the experience of hiking. In the forest, a person can feel the presence of sunlight, birds, flowers, grass, trees, and bugs. Yet, these organisms will promptly go into hiding due to your presence. However, if you remain quiet for a period of time, they will get used to you and proceed with their normal activities. The sound-driven devices focus, reflect, and complement each other, while an endless and implicating conversation emerges amongst the viewer, environment, and space. This artwork expresses the changes and reactions to an environment caused by the introduction of people and sounds.

2013, Sound-Sensitive Installation, 60cm*60cm*120cm





as a media+digital+interactive artist and scholar, Yun-Ju Chen specializes in practice and research in new media art.