Spring up Ⅱ-Coexistence 聲機勃勃Ⅱ-共生

Spring up Ⅱ-Coexistence​​

Spring up II – Coexistence serves as an evolutionary product of the sound-sensitive installation of Spring up – it is a replication of its DNA. This continuation of life is just like cell division, the fundamental process of organism growth and reproduction in which one cell is usually split into two.

When these tiny organisms hear the sound of a person’s voice, footsteps, or hand-clapping, they will shrink according to the volume. The louder the noises you make, the more frightened they will get, which will result in a rapid recoiling motion by all. The inspiration for this artwork is derived from the experience of hiking. In the forest, a person can feel the presence of sunlight, birds, flowers, grass, trees, and bugs. Yet, these organisms will promptly go into hiding due to your presence. However, if you remain quiet for a period of time, they will get used to you and proceed with their normal activities. The sound-driven devices focus, reflect, and complement each other, while an endless and implicating conversation emerges amongst the viewer, environment, and space. This artwork expresses the changes and reactions to an environment caused by the introduction of people and sounds.

2014, Sound-Sensitive Installation, 60cm*60cm*120cm*2

聲機勃勃 Ⅱ-共生

《聲機勃勃 Ⅱ-共生》是由聲機勃勃聲音敏感裝置演化而成,複製它的DNA,在這種生命的延續過程中,如同細胞分裂是生物體生長和繁殖的基礎,通常由一個細胞產生分裂則一分為二,生命的螺旋也因此誕生。

《聲機勃勃 Ⅱ-共生》聲音敏感裝置,由馬達機制組成的裝置作品,彷彿像擁有生命的小生物一般,這些小生物們非常害羞、敏感和好奇,它們像人類或是生物一樣有聽覺和視覺,聽得到環境的聲音,會探頭出來觀察這個世界。當環境安靜下來時,它們便會立刻探頭出來,更安靜的話,它們會更出來;但當有輕微聲響時,它們便會立刻躲起來,直到安靜為止。此作品靈感來自於爬山,在山林中,你可以感受到陽光、花鳥、草樹及昆蟲的存在,這些生物們會因為你的介入,而躲藏起來;但如果你安靜在那裡一段時間後,當牠們習慣有你存在時,牠們又開始出現及活動著。以聲音驅策裝置,彼此對焦、映照、相生,從而與觀者、環境和空間衍繹出一篇篇意涵無盡的談話,藉此希望創造出,環境因被人類或聲響介入之後,所造成的改變與反應。



as a media+digital+interactive artist and scholar, Yun-Ju Chen specializes in practice and research in new media art.