The 21st ifva Festival

The 21st ifva Festival-CINEMA 2.0 Media Art Exhibition: Surviving the Glass System

Date:2016/02/25 ~ 2016/03/12
Venue: Pao Galleries

Cinema is a medium of faces. In a dark cinema, no matter you are watching romance, action, comedy or a film of whichever genre, the silver screen is showing you faces of the actors and actresses most of the time. Faces of all kinds tell stories of all kinds. “CINEMA 2.0: Dark Mirrors” reflects, like a mirror, faces that you have encountered or never thought of, and through which you see yourself as much as you see others.

Modern men lives in a society of surveillance where our privacy is under constant threat. Surveillance comes in many different forms such as CCTV cameras, aerial drones, telephone tapping, computer data interception, GPS location tracking, etc. Surviving the Glass System attempts to reflect on the relationship between these forms of surveillance and contemporary technological as well as creative practices. The technology and nature of the cinematic medium is, indeed, core to many surveillance practices.

Curator:Ip Yuk-yiu

第二十一屆 ifva 獨立短片及影像媒體節-媒體藝術展覽:玻璃之城

日期:2016/02/25 ~ 2016/03/12

CINEMA 2.0 自 2011 年起成為 ifva 不可或缺的一部分,一直以前瞻態度 來探討電影媒體的無盡可能。今年 「CINEMA 2.0:玻璃之城」以監控為題,道出電影媒體除了捕捉當下、表達自我,也是一個關乎操控的媒介。

我們生於一個監控的世代,私隱天天受到威脅,閉路電視、無人機航拍、電話截聽、電腦資訊竊取、GPS 追蹤……種種監控無處不在。「CINEMA 2.0:玻璃之城」嘗試探究這些監控方式與當代科技發展和藝術創作的關係。電影媒體的技術與本質,其實與許多監控方式,根本同出一源。


The 21st ifva Festiva


as a media+digital+interactive artist and scholar, Yun-Ju Chen specializes in practice and research in new media art.