Greenhouse 數據森林


Greenhouse is a generative data visualization installation. The work is inspired by the problems of Taiwan and is based on the survey and analysis of big data. We gather and compile the big data from over seven hundred thousand fan pages on social media, it is found that “Misanthropic", “Low birth rate", “Population ageing " has become a hot topic in Taiwan, the behavioral and linguistic information from the public space on Facebook, and pull out open information of Taiwan’s population from the Open Government Data. We use information of posts, likes, comments, and shares gathered from Facebook’s “Misanthropic" keywords as our material, and combine them with the changes of Taiwan’s population structure throughout the years and population birth rate, creating a distinctive visual narrative. We convert the data from different periods over the years into visual images of a forest, which gradually evolve into a story about a growing forest. As the overlapping trees, leaves, flowers and fruits keep growing, we point out the starting point of this work: “perceiving humanity and environment from numbers, words and actions." The artistic concept of this work is “calculation anxiety or the co-existing initiative of positive thinking." Although the image and initial work are created and interpreted by creator, we hope that all viewers can participate in the project. After all, these data are about their online daily life and reflect the experience buried in their consciousness.

2017, Data Visualization installation, Depend on the space





as a media+digital+interactive artist and scholar, Yun-Ju Chen specializes in practice and research in new media art.