2018 Taoyuan Feminist Art Exhibition

2018 Taoyuan Feminist Art Exhibition

Date: 2018/03/01-2018/03/25
Venue: Exhibition Room 1&2, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan

10 Invited artists to this exhibition include Liu Yi Lan, Lynn Chen, Chen Li Hsing, Chen Yun Ju, Emily Chuang, Liao Su Chen, Pu Yi Chun, Lai Pei Yu (all from Taiwan), Takeda Hiroko (from Japan), and Safina Ksenia (from Ukraine). Materials and media used in their respective artwork are diverse, ranging from paper and pencil, brush and canvas, to mixed media, iron, stone, and footage. The various contents and images of such works collectively unsettle the ideas of masculinity and femininity. Their different use of materials also breaks the dichotomy between what is considered concrete and abstract. This exhibition seeks to bring to the fore feminist artists’s efforts to innovate the production of contemporary art with the use of diverse media: they are challenging the stereotypes of women as gentle and powerless and at the same time adding novelty to existing styles and the use of materials.


地點:桃園市政府文化局 第一、二展覽室



莊秀美指出,展覽表現的藝術向度,不僅翻轉溫婉柔弱的傳統女性印象,更藉由具象、抽象、光影幻象的展件,生動傳達女性藝術家運用剛柔虛實的多元媒材,創新當代藝術的鮮明意象;這次共邀柳依蘭、陳妙玲、陳麗杏、陳韻如、莊敏伶、廖素真、蒲宜君、賴珮瑜,及日本籍武田裕子(akeda Hiroko)、烏克蘭籍薩芬娜・克謝妮亞(Safina Ksenia)等10位藝術家參展。



as a media+digital+interactive artist and scholar, Yun-Ju Chen specializes in practice and research in new media art.