Monologue 2021 非墨之舞2021

Monologue 2021

Monologue is about psychological experience of women. Inspired by women’s diaries and “Nu Shu” which is an old writing system in China used only among women, “Monologue” tries to convey women’s internal and external contradictories which comes from the conflicts between the personal emotion and external constraints. Besides, “Monologue” is also reflection on traditional culture, aesthetics and patriarchy society. Therefore, dance, Chinese music, multimedia animation and interactive installation are combined and employed. The images of animation present the style of Chinese calligraphy. Dancers’ movements respond to the soft but intense characteristics of Chinese calligraphy. However, the interaction between dancers and that between dance and animation are sometimes violent. The contrasts symbolize the constraints on and the conflicts of women.

​As an interdisciplinary work, “Monologue” combines new technologies and the elements of classical art from Chinese dance, music and calligraphy. New Technologies such as Flash Programming, IR Sensor Installation, WiiRemote are employed in this work. Through the new technologies, classical images and dancers’ interaction with each other and with the animation, “Monologue” present the idea of rethinking tradition and the relationship between tradition and women.

Artist: Yun Ju Chen
Dance structure and performance: Mei kuang Li, Jean Jean Chang
Music design: Wen Hsin Teng
Interactive design: Yun Ju Chen
Lighting design: Yen Min Tseng
Photograph: Wei Zi
Special thanks to:Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts

2021, Interactive Performance, 18’00”
2021/12/18-12/19 Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center

非墨之舞 2021




2021/12/18-12/19 橫山書法藝術館

桃美館邀請觀眾夜遊 「書藝之夜」結合舞踏、新媒體展演 開啟書寫的多重想像力



as a media+digital+interactive artist and scholar, Yun-Ju Chen specializes in practice and research in new media art.