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Chen Yun-Ju is a New Media Artist from Taiwan. Her interests include art and technology, philosophy, interactive media, and embodiment. Her work spans multiple fields including video, installation, and performance art to express personal emotions and self-reflections utilizing technological and metaphorical means. Referencing Eastern philosophy as well as issues in our contemporary society, she communicates our living conditions through her constructions of visual languages that explore topics of self-existence. She was selected for a residency at the Edith Russ Site for Media Art in Germany (2000), at the Unitec Institute of Technology in New Zealand (2012), and at the Cité International des Arts in Paris (2012). She received her Ph.D. from The National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University at the Institute of Applied Arts. She is currently working as an artist, researcher, and teacher with interests in perception and consciousness, embodiment and technology, interactive installation, and new media aesthetics.

陳韻如,台灣新媒體藝術家。她的藝術創作跨越多種媒體,包括影像、裝置和表演藝術。作品以象徵隱喻、結合科技媒材的手法,傾倒出內在情感與自覺,對自我主題的不斷追求和建構的視覺語彙,借鑒東方哲學和當代社會問題,深刻傳達出當下的生存狀態。2010年獲台北數位藝術中心駐村創作計畫,前往德國奧登堡艾蒂羅絲媒體藝術中心駐村;2012年獲台北市政府文化局補助,前往紐西蘭聯合科技大學駐村;2012年獲文化部駐村創作補助,前往法國巴黎西帖國際藝術村。代表作品一《非墨之舞》(Monologue)互動表演作品演出後,隨即獲得台灣藝術圈肯定,更得到國際的注意,此件作品於2009年獲得第四屆法國安亙湖國際數位藝術節評審團特別大獎及2010年受邀至德國奧登堡艾蒂羅絲媒體藝術中心演出,同年互動裝置作品《星群》( Starry, Starry Night ) 獲得EMAF德國奧斯納布呂克歐洲媒體藝術節展出。代表作品二《聲機勃勃ⅠⅡ》(Spring UpⅠⅡ)聲音敏感裝置,在2013-2014年獲得新北市政府文化局及國立台灣美術館藝術銀行典藏。